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主演:克劳斯·金斯基 Margaret Lee 欧露莎尔芭·奈丽  


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kb2048 电影下载 A cloaked figure slipskb2048 into an exclusive psychiatric clinic and murders one of the female patients. Meanwhile, various sexuals liaisons are revealed. The mystery killer continues with his massacre: he beheads a nurse with a scythe, pushes a chauffeur into a spiked “Iron Maiden”, strangles an older female patient, kkb2048 ills a nymphomaniac with an ax电影下载e, and shoots a lesbian through the neck with a crossbow. Doctor Clay and the police set a trap for thkb2048 e killer using one of the attractive female patients as bait. However, they are not prepared for the电影下载 onslaugth that follows…

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